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downloadable softwares
Free Software Downloads
★ Current Count: 5
☆ all uploaded to 4shared
★ all softwares with a next to it, are highly recommended
☆ credit to all the people that created these amazing softwares

FanUpdate 3.0: FanUpdate is a free, light-weight, blogging script that can be used as a blog or as a way organize/publish your site's content. FanUpdate was orginially created by Jenny Ferenc, but I got the download off a random search.
If you need a tutorial on how to upload FanUdate to your site, you can either use the Read Me file in the FanUpdate folder or you can go to the tutorial, located at HeartDrops.
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tutorial: kern text
Tutorial: Kerning Text
★ Image Tutorial
☆ Added to blogspot from site. original post
☆ created in photoshop cs3

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banner batch two
Banner Batch Two: Kissing/Couples
★ 10 banners (350x150 px)+ 1 bonus; 11 banners in all
☆ resized to fit page (215x92px)
★ [x10]fashion, [x1]bonus k-model
☆ edited in photoshop cs3

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